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Are you up to speed with all the digital trends and new technologies? Your customers are social and analytical at the same time. To meet them you need to have your online advertisement pointing to a mobile friendly website and speaking the language of your customers in the right channels. OningNOW can help you with setting your commercial experience strategy in the digital setting.

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10 trends in 2015

A short list of 10 trends which will gain on magnitude in 2015 and you should keep in mind for your business and communication success.

1. Mobile tipping point

The ever increasing use of mobile devices gives marketers more ways to target users in every moment of their day and activities, such as work, rest, play and research time. M-commerce will be easier since E-commerce profiles are set up and single sign-on accounts and one-click-to-buy functions eradicates the tedious steps in the check out process. The mobile web will surpass the desktop web in 2015 – just ask yourself when was the last time you surfed with a desktop computer at home?

2. Beacons and NFC

Small, low energy and low cost sensors that emit a signal to open an app or a website link will open the door to proximity marketing. This is nothing new, but now with Android and iPhone 6 most user have finally a device that can handle this technology and make it mass market ready. Let’s start the hyper local internet of things enter your life. The online and offline retail experiences will further blur with the arrival of beacons and more sophisticated technologies in the next generations of smart phones.

3. Creative computing 

We will see more new technology and artificial intelligence such as IBM’s Watson are changing how creators approach invention and production in the connected world. Such technology will begin to be creative and spure peoples creativity in new ways, or help business with new process to organize how they work.

4. Content marketing

Content marketing has become a large part in marketing and communication of brands and their marketing budget. Content is king and becoming an even more vital part of a brands SEO strategy with Google giving more weight to unique and relevant content. Interesting content is the top reason why people follow branded blogs and social media. B2B companies with a blog generate a significant higher number of leaders than non-blogging companies.

5. Crowed economy or sharing economy

Owning things is not as important to millennially as it was to earlier generations. in 2015 we will see multiple platforms spring up to make it even easier to share peer-to-peer objects and data in the community. The emerging generation Z is even more prone to work collaborative in communities of like minded. Business need to figure this out how to handle the next generation of our workforce.

6. More emojicons

These little digital icons in text messages to make it easier and more condense to communicate feelings and sentiments will have an addition in choice, diversity and cater to each sub cultural preference.

7. Parallel storytelling 

YouTube launched a new feature that allows videos to be layered so viewers can get two views and angels of the same story and time at once. Brands are starting to pick up and capitalize on this new feature and trend to tell stories and embed their product and services in these. Video story telling has been big in 2014 for marketing and will gain even more on momentum.

8. Net neutrality

The topic of having preferred internet speed and service for buying customers and significantly downgrading free users splits lawmakers apart and will become an even more hated topic. The normal users might cause a civil unrest, if  only a preferred group can use the internet as we have become accustom to it by now, in the agony of waiting to download a simple website.

9. Data as currency and the rise of customized content

Data is the new oil. Who owns your data and what are they doing with it. Being protective is not enough, everybody shares constantly data in some form. The trick for many business will be to turn their accumulated “big data” into “smart data”. Unlocking the door to micro targeting and hyper segmentation is in the works.

With the smart data at hand, the customized communication will go beyond the newsletter with your name in the greeting, or iTunes, Amazon and other commerce giants suggesting things you like to buy – which they can do pretty darn well by now. Customized content will start in the very moment when you open a site, news page, blog, showing you only relevant content. This opens again the door to the topic of paternalism and it’s negative side of manipulating the public opinion.

10. Increase of online ad spend

TV and other mass media mediums will start feeling the decrease of interest of people watching/ listening un-targeted ads. The same trend we see with the print media business. With set top boxes allowing to skip through the ads, advertisers will ditch the mass media and show their ads as preroll in targeted online videos or banners. Videos will further grow as an online ad medium. The wealth of targeting, segmentation and tracking options that offline medias can’t do will lure the marketers to digital.


Many other topics and trends are ahead of us and this list is fare from complete, but the marketing and communication business is again in a time of change and many business need to adapt to the new needs.



We are in an era of hyper rapid change. Companies have the choice to drive it, adapt to it or fall short. OningNOW challenges the push forward and is helping its customers to be cutting edge in the rapidly changing and competitive environment. OningNOW can help you with the evolution based in your business strategy and create a new commercial experience.


There is nothing more powerful then brand fans and advocates that give you positive endorsement. In a world that is flooded with content marketing your product or service needs to be more then just good. Simple mass advertisement is ignored by the people, tv ads go unseen and print reaches only the ancient. Today your advertisement needs to be consistent, an immersive experience and provoke conversation. Brands need to earn the attention of their customers by providing value through information, entertainment or inspiration.


Marketing and communication need to embrace the fact that just mass informing and occasionally speaking to “consumers” is just not enough. Your message is not alone the fight about attention in the world. We are all consumers and know from the other side how little time we have for un-targeted nonsense. The consumers are also human, they are fans, users, visitors or guests (angel of view). Developing meaningful and rich experiences is what OningNOW has at its core.


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